111 Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, BARDON.


Gratitude in Life

Gratitude or thankfulness for everything and everybody I was encouraged a few years ago to be thankful and to realise that ‘God is in all things’. It is easy to thank God for the wonderful things of life. The sunrise and sunset. The warmth the cold. ...
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About Faber

The Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality offers a variety of spiritual exercises, spiritual guidance, formation programs and different kinds of retreats.

Our focus is not religious services, but spiritual exercises and spiritual guidance for persons of different religions or of no religion, to develop their freedom and the interiority of their daily human experiences, to discern their beliefs, and for Christian believers to explore their faith in God for a better service of God, through, with, and in Christ.

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111 Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, BARDON, QLD, 4065, Australia.
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