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Feast of St Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier – 3 December Francis Xavier was born on 7 April, 1506 at Javier, Kingdom of Navarre. He died on 3 December, 1552 aged 46 at on Shangchuan Island.  He met Ignatius of Loyola at the University ...
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My Community Values

My Community Values… When I was very young my parents decided to move from war-torn Europe to New Zealand. This meant tearing ourselves away from our large extended family. They thought that in New Zealand we would have a better chance of making good...
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The true vine

I remember many years ago before I married, I spent some time assisting my friends who were the owners of a property, to start a new vineyard in the prime agricultural country of Poverty Bay, in NZ.  We had a large empty paddock, which was fairl...
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The USA Border

Central American migrants meet the USA border… What are the issues here? Central Americans are being forced from their homelands for various reasons. They travel all the way to northern Mexico where they meet the USA border. Everything they know tell...
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The Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality offers a variety of spiritual exercises, spiritual guidance, formation programs and different kinds of retreats.

Our focus is not religious services, but spiritual exercises and spiritual guidance for persons of different religions or of no religion, to develop their freedom and the interiority of their daily human experiences, to discern their beliefs, and for Christian believers to explore their faith in God for a better service of God, through, with, and in Christ.

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