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The compassionate touch

Picture yourself in the shoes of this refugee advocate sitting 30cm from the haunted eyes, furrowed brow and prematurely aged human who is younger than the advocate's youngest child. When face to face with an emotionless young adult, mentally becalmed by a cocktail of sedative pills and physically scarred from repetitive self-harming as a consequence of 6 years of indefinite detention, how does one respond to repeated questions about life’s purpose and meaning? Honestly, what would you say?  All...
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Service without power

“ If you haven’t made it by 35, you never will ” “ Always aim for the top ” The intended message of the above career advice suggests that better outcomes can be achieved through ‘power over’ than the significance of ‘service to,'. How contradictory is the request of Jesus, “not to worry about (one’s) life, what (one) will eat…” Lk 12:22. Imagine the looks of family and friends, the disdain of professional colleagues and the...
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Spiritual Integrity: Inside vs Outside Truth

“ But to become a refugee advocate would split my family, alienate my parents and lose me my best friends !” Such was a participant’s conflicted response at a recent refugee seminar. All will empathise with the self-doubt that floods one’s mind when one is about to adopt a life-defining stance. Consequently, when I initially adopted a pro refugee stance, I could not guess at the extent of un-friending that would occur on my Facebook page. ...
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